Cypress Micro Resort

We heard you and respect you.

Thank you for reviewing this page. We have made some updates and clarifications since the Board of Planning Commission meeting on July 10. We are so thankful to all who showed up and took their valuable time to voice their opinions. Below you will find us address with increased clarity all of the concerns voiced.We also specifically want to thank the entire Board of Planning Comission, without them, this process would not be possible and we are so glad we get to engage in the democracy of keeping Pickens and beautiful and wonderful place.Thanks for checking in here. We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves, start with transparency, and share our vision and heart. We also would really like to hear from you and learn more from you.

Update from Board of Planning Commissioner meeting


Here is what we heard from both the Board itself as well as the citizens:
• concern this will destroy the land
• concern for septic and how that will be handled and how it will impact the immediate local residents as well as the flowing tributary
• concerns for the well and the surrounding aqueduct and it's impact on the immediate local residents
• concerns for building within the flood plain as well as creek buffers
• concerns for not preserving the land
• concerns for our guests being disturbed by the local airport
• concerns of overwhelming traffic increase on Upper Salem Church Road

How We Plan to Address Those Concerns

Here is what we heard from both the Board itself as well as the citizens:
• What we are doing WILL preserve, cultivate, and restore the land. It takes capital to protect and restore a site like this. By creating small units that are nestled, the revenue generated from fewer individuals will allow us to protect endangered species, clean up the waterfall, eradicate invasive species taking over the wetlands area, and preserve this site for generations to come.
• In response to all of the concerns of septic and water supply/ well water, I have attached the site plan and soil test documents. These have been created by experts and test results from the site in question.
• The sound from the airport is first of all naturally insulated by the waterfall itself in it's immediately surrounding area. Our architects and other teams are also sourcing sound dampening material and insulation.
• A comparable state park: Amicalola state park placed an enormous staircase on the side of the falls that obstructs the view. They built a huge resort on site. Hundreds of people visit a day creating an enormous traffic issue.
• Our engineers have done traffic studies -- between the drives we are building on site, directing flow of traffic, and less density of buildings/people than a rural residential area, we are confident this will have a minimal impact on our neighbors.
• We deeply believe our current proposal benefits both the local neighborhood by preserving/restoring the natural beauty in a quiet and unobtrusive way and benefits the county by creating jobs and contributing to the tax base.

Summary of what we would like to build

• If rezoned we will only initially permit and build 3 units and one amenity structure (the check-in and concierge building)
• 22 dwelling units (septic and water needed for each)
• 15 amenity structures (no septic or water)
Below is our initial detail site plan, as confirmed by a state certified environmental engineer and civil engineer. Smith Planning Group

Site Plan

Who We Are

• a family
• a married couple with dreams
• people who serve others
• small business that upholds traditional values

Who We Are NOT

• An Investment company
• People looking for a quick buck
• Big business who doesn't care about the local community

What We Would Like To Do

• invite people to a place of peace and rest
• preserve the forest and natural landscape
• have minimal environmental + neighborhood impact
• showcase the beauty of Jasper
• clean up the dumped trash and maintain the land
• invite travelers to properly engage with what Jasper has to offer
• partner with local businesses, hire locally, support the community
• become friends with you and our neighbors

What We Do NOT Want To Do

• ruin the current landscape
• host any events (including weddings and bands)
• make loud noises of any kind
• Increase traffic congestion

Cypress Micro resort

What is a Micro Resort?

A "micro resort" is a term (we made up!) to describe a retreat that offers the amenities of a resort but deconstructed to be:
• SMALL buildings with small footprints
• SCATTERED throughout the land
• IMMERSED and tucked away out of sight.

Examples: (all 200-300 sq ft max)
• Tiny Library
• Workout room
• All Glass Chapel
*ALL of these would be very small and be for quiet personal or small group use. The chapel would NOT have the capacity to hold a large wedding.

Why Are You Re-Zoning?

We were hoping to use a variance under the current agriculture zoning, but by expert suggestion, we were advised to rezone. We also understand that seeing "Highway Business" can be a really scary term.But in order for us to build a business that can best serve the community, this is our path forward.But rezoning does NOT change our vision for a quiet, immersive, retreat center-feel that preserves the land.
To help earn your trust, we've added conditions to our application. Some examples are:
• Put our limitations on what we can do (aka: no large events, storage units, etc.)
• Commitment to LESS density than if we were Rural Residential
• Small "tiny house" units to limit number of guests and car traffic

How will we keep things quiet?

We will use NoiseAware which will instantly inform us of any sustained loud noises.Enforcement of peace and quiet is and will continue to be one of our highest priorities.

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